After a longer break caused by a lot of work at university, I finished Version 0.8 Build 3. You might have recognized that it is already available in the section "Download" since some days.

Apart from the usual Bug-Fixes, I have also changed something concerning the handling. Lines are now drawn by clicking the start-knot and then drawing the mouse to the target position. While you do that, a preview line is shown.


While I am coming closer to the release of Version 0.8 Build 3, some things have changed concerning the homepage as well:


Good news for the idealists: Project-Liz has just become an open-source-project and is now hosted by SourceForge.net. So in the next time, I am going to link the numerous features of SourceForge to this site.

Enjoy the code!


Version 0.8 Build 2 is out now! Amongst others, the bug that kept you from changing IC-values like the timer-interval in big frames was fixed. Furthermore I removed some German bits from the English version.

Last but not least some news for the idealists: I'm planning to enter Project-Liz into the sourceforge.net-database what means, that it might become open-source, soon.


Welcome to the home of Project-Liz,

As I am just about to start studying Electrotechnics, it fits perfectly that I send my first release-version of Project-Liz - my free digital circuit simulator - online today. You can download version 0.8 - build 1.

Like the versionnumber indicates, the programm is not bugfree, yet. In the next time, I will document the bugs known to me and update this temporary version of the site.

I'd be glad if you give me some feedback concerning the programm (suggestions and bug-reports) and the website. This refers to the language as well, as I am no native english-speaker (maybe you already realized).

This is also the reason why some parts of the website are not available in English, yet, but you can already download an English version of the program.

Enjoy switching!